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Friday, October 22, 2010

Undercover Waist Travel Pouch

I made this travel pouch for my mom and thought that some of you may find it useful.   If you haven't seen this before, it is to be worn under your cloths...  so that no pick-pockets will reach it.

        This is another pouch... the internal pocket is added to the bottom layer.  
The notes below add the internal pocket to the top layer.

Some notes to share:
A)  Cut the fabrics as these sizes (seam included).   The size is not nice number as I measured the one I was making which was based on a sample I have..  :)

B) Sew the zip to the fabric,  the sewing zip section of this tutorial is useful...  See how the author close/open the zip to ease the sewing.
C) Sew an extra piece of fabric to No 3 to create internal pockets.  Remember to sew the seam before attaching it.

4) Attached the pockets together.

5) Sew the side bias (I used my 18mm bias tape maker).  Then attached the pockets to the base.  While you sew the sides, attach the buckle and strap.

6) Sew the overall bias..   it is done!

Other than fabric, the following notions are required:

1) Adjustable buckle for one side of the strap (for 2.5 cm tape)  - where to buy?
or check out Haberdashery shop (I found some in the haberdashery shop in PJ old town.)

2) The long strap, you could make it yourself,  I was lazy, so I just bought the 2.5 cm cotton strap from shop.   For making your own, cut a long strap of 2.5" and follow this tutorial.  :)

3) Zips -  I bought zip in meters (1 meter at RM1.5) and add zipper pull myself (each at RM0.2).  Tutorial to thread zipper pull here.

Hope you find this useful and have a good weekend,


Lynn Nasir said...

hello dear anic,

u r so kind to make this hidden pouch to ur mom :) i remember my aunty sewn a pocket on my grandma's bra so that she can hide some of her money during pilgrimage :)

same idea right? hehehe..

Mila@Rimbun said...

I remembered my mother done this kind of pouch for my aunt(but not as nice as yours la..) like Lynn story, they use it during Haj(pilgrimage).

Lynn.. ada satu bra tuh.. mmg ada pocket sekali... seingat akak lerr. mak sedara suka pakai bra camni

Anic said...

ah.. right.. hidden pocket is very good idea for Haj.

My friend bought one of these travel pouch (better material) at 10Euro. So, home made would save quite a bit. :)

Hi Mila, is the bra with pocket available for sale?

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