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Friday, October 29, 2010

Bag Project 5 - Lunch Bag

I need a lunch bag.  Have to stop my patchwork and sew this:

I used Lunch Bag Tutorial by Pink Penguin with a different height & width (11"x15" without seam) and I didn't make a rim.  Where we have to fold the bottom corner to form a square, I used 5.5" instead of 5".   I attached cover to the lining before sewing the lining to the outer fabric.

The size is big enough for 3 lunch boxes.   These boxes are free gifts from buying Sensodyne.

I used lighter to treat the end of the webbing so that it won't fray.   I learnt it from:

Materials used:
1) Outer fabric is Linen I bought from

2) Lining and cover fabric from Nagoya (I think they are cotton, plain colour, a few ringgit for a meter)

3) Fabric interfacing/stabiliser -  I don't know what we should call them..   It is like this one on Nana Craft Corner but I don't think the one I bought from a nearby shop is cotton and quality is definitely not the same.  They have it in different thickness ranges from 1 meter at RM7 to RM8.5.   I like this more now rather than Kertas Gam (non woven interfacing).  Felt that it will last longer, kain kan...

4) Webbing  - Bought from the same shop I got No 3.  Not very thick and I think it is polypropylene, it is about RM1-2 for a meter.  

Bye now,


Mila@Rimbun said...

like the idea of a lunch bag. no excuse to bring our own homemade lunch every day..
emm suddenly i remembered my daughter bring her bekal in a plastic bag today,, I should consider making her this also

Anic said...

I started to take lunch to work (i didn't cook, just buy from nearby shop). have been taking them with me in paper/plastic bags and decided to sew one..

Good idea to sew one for your daughter..

Anonymous said...

anic,very nice.. i like
i love all ur handmades. cantik sangat

tomei said...

i think i should make one for my hubby..always brink my paper pretty paper bag from my precious collection to work and make my heart sink with sorrow...(ahahaha..such an impression..) and for me too of course...

Anic said...

Hi Nai,

:) Thanks for the encouraging words.. I have to try sewing cloths like you do one day..

Hi Tomei,
Cepat cepat buat satu bagi hubby... :) very important... Must make useful things for them so that they think our hobby is useful. :)

Susan said...

Anic, it's very original. I love it.

Lynn Nasir said...

hello Anic,

sangat rajin la you! tabik spring, toinggggg!!! ^^

nisa said...

cannntik sgt... the link u give also helpful.. tq 4 sharing

tomei said...

aniccccc.. itu tali nak beli kat mana...

Anic said...

Hi Lynn, nisa,

Thank you.. :)

Hi tomei,
Tali itu I bought at kedai barang barang jahit at PJ old town, I think only 1 kedai barang barang jahit kat PJ old town, near McDonald. Online pun ada kalau nak beli yang cotton punya:

Asraf said...

Thanks for this information.. =) non woven bag

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