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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bag Project 6 - Lunch Bag 2

Selamat Hari Raya Korban to Muslim friends.

Finally I could do some sewing today..  I sewed another lunch bag. This is for a friend.  

Same design as the previous one made but it is slightly smaller size.  Didn't add seam allowance properly. :(   As before, it is based on Lunch Bag Tutorial by Pink Penguin.  

Materials used:
1) The strap is from:

2) Linen cotton for external from:

3) Waterproof material for lining (didn't manage to take good picture to show how it looks like inside) but the material is like this:
The material is quite thick and hard.

4) Stabilizer
I used the thickest stabilizer I have, a meter RM8.5, bought at PJ Old Town.   It is like kain keras (use for man shirt's collar) but there is glue to iron on to the fabric.

Bye now....


Heart Handy said...

Good morning...
Good job!
Good night...

Anic said...

Hi Heart Handy... thank you.. :) I hope my friend will like it.

ween said...

may i know what did u used to make the bag stands? :)

Anic said...

Hi Ween,

I added more details to the post, please see material No 4 above.

The waterproof material used inside is quite hard also, so the bag stands...

The previous one I made, is softer and don't stand as well, but I don't find problem when I used it to carry my lunch boxes.

Warmest regards,

地瓜妈Jess See said...

Thank you Anic. You have done it very nice. Further more you have promote Potato House.
Thank again!

玮晴 said...

做了很多包呢。 喜歡你細細的列出包包的資料!我link 你回我家了。

Lynn Nasir said...


happy holiday! :)

nice one there anic, i love the colors combination. rajin betul buatkan utk your friend :D

Anic said...

Hi Jess, buying material is difficult here.. so I like to share where to get the material..

Hi 玮晴,
Glad that like the information provided... and thanks for linking me.. :)

Hi Lynn,
Thank you.. :) kena rajin sikit... time flies before we realise we may lose it. :)

Warmest regards,

Mila@Rimbun said...

Hi Anic
Thanks you so much for sharing with me the source of the material. Now I have more choices... :)

I am sure your friend will love the bag very much

Susan said...

Hi Ani,
Wonderful!!, thank you very much for sharing with us!!

Fedulab said...

Great BAG!
Love the colors

Anic said...

Thanks Mila, Susan & Fedulab. :)

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