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Monday, November 29, 2010

DIY Cloth Pad - Part 8 (Imported Flannel)

I meant to give cloth pads to a friend to try out..  have been dragging my feet and finally I completed 2 panty liners for her this morning.

There are 3 layers of flannel inside with additional 2 layers of flannel in the centre with a layer of hidden PUL (single layer PUL, not sandwiched).  I think it will be good for light flow too...

The one on the top is made from Imported Flannel I just bought from (R22 per meter):

The flannel is thicker than the ones I bought from Nagoya.   Harga kan tak sama.. :)

2 other imported flannel from the same place.

The niceclothdiaper site has left me (and cloth pad users) a comment:

"hi Anic and all,
We are clearing our PUL fabric here: . Check us out while stock last! Thanks. :)

Check out their website:

For more information about cloth pads,  please see my other cloth pads entries:



Mila@Rimbun said...

I have been thinking of buying this flannel also. Tapi I wonder why was the princess' mouth takde yer hehehe..

I need to sew a CP jugak nii.. for my sister. Hope they like it. Just to update you about my offer on sewing the CP.. no one interested hahaha.

Lynn Nasir said...


i have the flower printed flannel :)
at kamdar, the flannels come in 2 grades. mahal ada murah pun ada. so far, i love the kamdar one :)))

Mila@Rimbun said...

Lynn.. if I were to compare between flannel at Kamdar and Nagoya, I think the one at Kamdar lebih tebal kan... is it the 2nd grade? Why I only found one type of flannel at Kamdar yer.. emmm

Anic said...

Hello Lynn, Mila,

I am finally back online... it will start me awhile before I could start sewing..

Next time I go to Kamdar, I will look carefully for the 2 grades of flannel Lynn mentioned.

Warmest regards,

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