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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bag Project 4 - Hexagon Patchwork Bag (Completed)

Finally...  I have completed the hexagon patchwork bag.   :)  I don't think I will start another project like this anytime soon. Taking too much time...   :)  

Previous posts about this project here & here.

I have inserted purse feet for the bag, see this useful link to learn how:

The look of inside (inside out before turning).   The "Boxy Bag" tutorial has provided great help in attaching the lining.

Made quite a few mistakes along the way...   My thread unpicking technique has improved.. :)   See below to learn a few tricks:

Material used:
1) Fabrics
This is a project I bought from  Emma's handmade.  The outer fabric came with the project however I didn't used the lining fabric provided as it is blue.  I didn't think that it will go well with the outer fabric, hence I used  Japanese fabric "Alice's In The Wonderland" from stock clearance corner of May May Shop instead.

2) PU leather handle, rivet and purse feet
These are bought online from China website.
Rivet is also available from My handmade Station

I found these useful links which help in bag making :

1)  Attaching leather handle (The one above is PU and not real leather. I prefer not to use leather...)

2) How to set a double cap rivet?

3) How to sew curved corner?

5) How to press purse & bag?
I used thick canvas bought from Nagoya (1 meter about RM10.50).  In the old days,  my mom used this too for ironing and I was happy to see it at Nagoya.  :)

6) Sewing the zipper pocket

Bye now,


SCLover said...

anic... superb!!congrat...

Anic said...

Hi SCLover,

Thank you.. :) Felt relief that I finish this project...

Warmest regards,

Mila@Rimbun said...

A big WOW to you Anic. Mmg cantik sgt. The hexies is in pefect colour combination... KUDOS to u

Lynn Nasir said...

hi Anic,

what a great looking bag. i can only imagine how tiring it was :O but, it is worthwhile, isn't it? congrats!!

Anic said...

Hi Mila,

Thank you, thank you.. :)

Many times, wanted to put it aside and continue later...Felt like doing other quicker projects but remembered what you said must finish what has already started before we move to another one... :) In addition, I really don't like have UFO. :) (takut juga kalau stop, i never finished it)...:)

Hi Lynn,
:) thank you!
Not too tiring but time consuming.. I am thinking to give this to my mom as birthday gift.. So it is worth it if she likes it. :)

Warmest regards,

MamaDaniel said...

wow.. very preetttyyyy bag... suka sangat..
thanks also for sharing all the info..

Anic said...

Thank you MamaDaniel.. :)

Elena said...

Hola Mila:
Acabo de conocer tu blog y me encanta.
He utilizado tu imagen del bolso fabricado con hexágonos para publicarla en mi blog.
Si no quieres que aparezca, por favor, házmelo saber y la retiraré.
De cualquier modo, estaré encantada de que me visites.
Un abrazo.

Anic said...

No problem Elena... Thanks for linking me..

Anonymous said...

hi... bag patchwork tu cantik sgt.. kalau nak order pattern bag tu without patchwork and bigger than that size berapa rm ya?


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