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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Repairing my torn pants...

Hi all,

No craft work this week..  Only repairing my torn pants.

A pair of pants I have for probably more than 5 year?  Can't remember exactly..

Went through my stash and found a piece of linen cotton with the closest colour to the pants.

Cut two pieces of same size, folded  the seam inside and ironed, then ironed them on top and below the torn part using iron on fabric double sided tape.   I then machine sewed the 4 sides using zigzag stitch. Happy with the outcome and hopefully it will last a couple more years...

it is upside down.. :)  i took the picture myself while i was wearing it.. that is why.. hehe.. :)

Found this useful link giving tips on how to patch a pair of pants:

Bye now and have a wonderful week ahead.

Warmest regards,


Lynn Nasir said...

can't really see the mending outcome. but i bet it looked cool ya? :D

Anic said...

Thanks Lynn.

Can't see... then it is good.. :) Didn't want to attract attention. :)

Mila@Rimbun said...

I cant tell the different ler... thats a good sign, u can wear it longer hihi

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