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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Envelope Card Holder

I saw this simple envelope card holder in one of the craft forums.   I made one for my blood donation record book (about the size of a credit card):

BTW, there are a lot of advantages donating blood, it actually improves health...  

... Blood donation is an excellent way to get rid of excess iron accumulated in our body due to its overconsumption.  Excess iron in the body can stimulate the formation of free radicals, which are responsible for causing damage to body cells and tissues. Free radicals are also associated with many diseases like heart diseases and cancer. ........ Studies have shown that donating blood regularly can be beneficial for the heart and circulatory system and can reduce the risk of heart diseases, especially among young people.... Besides, blood donation also burns the extra calories and reduces your cholesterol level...  

In addition, you get free medical service from the government if you are donating to Pusat Darah Negara or Government operated medical facilities.   Of course you don't need this if you are already getting free service.  :)

For example:
1 kali ---- Percuma rawatan pesakit luar dan rawatan perubatan (tidak termasuk bayaran X-ray dan pembedahan) dan wad kelas dua untuk tempoh 4 bulan.

2 kali (dalan tempoh 12 bulan)   ---- Percuma suntikan pencegahan Hepatitis B

2 ~ 5 kali  ---- Percuma  rawatan pesakit luar dan rawatan perubatan dan wad kelas dua untuk tempoh 4 bulan.

See more details here:

This card holder is quite simple to make.   Here is the dimension without seam allowance.   

I cut a piece of kain keras as above size.  Then I cut 2 pieces of fabric with same shape but with seam allowance.   I then used iron-on fabric double sided tape to fold the seam nicely for the cover fabric, sewed the printed tapes, then fold the seam for the lining and sticked it to the other side of kain keras again using double sided tape.  :)

Sewed the short straight end and then folded it into envelope shape and sewed the two sides and the triangle side...  then it is done..  :)   No turning and trying to pull fabric & kain keras through a small opening.   

Here is a modified version for my cloth pad: 

Where could you get the iron on double sided tape?  It is especially helpful for sewing a zip.  Stick the zip onto the fabric with this and I could then sew it happily without having to worry about the placement of the zip.  :)

1) Love and Craft Supply -
2) May May Shop -
3) Nana Craft Centre -
4) Emma - Fabric Glue stick (this will fix the fabric temporary and could be washed away, save the hassle of using pin)

Let me know if you need more photos on the steps to do these.

Have a good weekend,


Mila@Rimbun said...

wow cute n simple.. brilliant idea on the cloth pad.

opss I think it has been a long time since ur previous post, hope u are ok. (macam rindu jer dengan ur posting kan hihi)

Lynn Nasir said...


can u help me on the washable glue..rm6 for a stick is it? i really really really really really want it.. ^^ i didn't understand chinese..

Anic said...

Hi Mila,

:) you are so sweet.. :) was busy with too many things.. :) you are so productive with your craft work, thinking maybe you don't sleep. :)

Jahit a few of these little bags for my cloth pads, can bring cloth pad to washroom without being noticed. :)

Hi Lynn,
Can... can.. no problem. Will email you about the glue stick.


Mila@Rimbun said...

I made it... so simple yet the outcome mmg nice. Thanks for sharing. Will share at my blog later.. tunggu dapat snap press dulu hihihi

Anic said...

Hi Mila, couldn't wait to see your card holder.. :)

aliah said...

marketing your business with effective envelope design can be great for you. i like the designs that you shared here.
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Waseem said...

it's so simple idea..i would like to do same for Gift Card envelopes.

Pamela Gan said...

may i know where did you bought your fabric glue? i've looking for quite some time and havent found one yet. the link u provided cant be opened..

Link Within

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