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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Applique Key Pouch

Dear all,

Hope you have a wonderful weekend....

My key chain is really old, so I made myself a key pouch...  :)  It is a design from a book by Shinnie in Taiwan.   I bought the book locally and it is a version published by Publisher in China with the right to publish from Shinnie.  Cheaper....  :)

17cm x 11cm (w x h, includes 1 cm of seam)

Rivet came with the key holder, it was fixed with hammer and the metal piece was also glued 
to the fabric using UHU all purpose adhesive for additional strength.   
This is my own idea.. didn't google what others do.  :) 

Happy that I have a new key pouch but not fully satisfied with the work...  plenty of rooms for improvement..
Compare to the work presented in the book... this is rough.. :)

In case you would also like to make one (not necessary applique version), here are places which sell the key holders:
2)  Heart-handy

The fabric materials were mixed & matched from my fabric stash which took me quite a bit of time & effort.    If you are fancy of making one of these and want an easy way, kit is available from:

It is still time consuming... but at least you don't have to collect the material and buy the book..  :)

Bye now,


Mila@Rimbun said...

really a good job Anic. I like the way you match the fabric.. unlike me.. I spent more time matching the fabric than sewing it hahaha..

Anic said...

Thank you, Mila.. :)

Matching the fabric is big part of the fun.... :)

MamaDaniel said...

wow.. super cute...:)

Anic said...

Hi MamaDaniel,

Thank you... your comment is very encouraging.. :)

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