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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sewing Notion 19 - Magnetic Seam Guide

When I sewed a water proof bag sometime ago, I couldn't draw a line easily on the material.   To make sure I sewed an equal allowance straight line, I used the magnetic seam guide (see the gadget circled in red).

A bigger image of it borrowed online

Just attach  the magnetic guide to the metal throat plate on the sewing machine and it will help maintain a uniform seam width while you sew.   It is very convenient but the machine must have surface with steel for it to stick to..   In my NV50, there is barely enough surface for it..   

If you like to know how this is done in action, here is a nice video:

A fb friend suggested DIY using magnetic for Whiteboard...  something to try out. 

I have also seen crafters use  post it note to help:

An interesting image with all kinds of seam allowance guide:
That is all about seam guide.

Before I say bye, here is my naked NV50 while it was being serviced last week.   

It was nerve wracking experience watching my machine being serviced..   I fear that it will actually become worse after the service.   I still haven't do a test run at home...  hoping that it will at least sew like before.

Have a good weekend,


Zara said...

Hello Anic dear!
What a coincidence! I've just blogged about wanting to challenge myself to perfect seam allowances. I'm doing the post it note method, as I don't have any of the notions you mentioned. But your post is very educational - now I know there're so many tools around thanks!

Mila@Rimbun said...

Is that really a NV50.. look too complicated inside, right. I dont dare to open anything, not like the normal sewing machine that I had previously, my hubby normally open it in case any trouble shoot, I will be in big trouble if I were to ask him to do the same with NV50 hahaha.

Anic said...

Hi Zara, :) yeah, it was interesting to find so many ways of making seam even.. but still, practise is required to make it perfect. A Fb friend shared this: You may find it useful.

Hi Mila... Your hubby so hebat... can help to repair sewing machine. there is a electronic board next to wheel... this one traditional mesin jahit pakcik can't help to repair. :(

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