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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bag Project 12 - Waterproof Fabric Doctor Frame Bag

I sewed this with the tutorial provided by Florence Lui  ( in the virtual classroom organised by Potato House.

The tutorial I followed is only provided to participants, however, a similar  tutorial is available on the internet:

These are the frames I bought from Florence.    Look simple but they are great...

I like the bag opens up wide and stands well (due to the waterproof fabric). 

I thought I need to use Teflon foot but I managed to sew it with normal foot...   

To sew this waterproof fabric, we have to be careful not to make mistake as unpick will leave holes, jangan main main.. :)

There are differences between oil cloth & laminated fabric...  I don't know which one is the one I am using...  See Sue's explanation here:

Tips about sewing oilcloth (laminated fabric same same) here:

In my view key points are:
1) Don't make mistake :)  Unpick will leave holes.

2) The foot must be able to glide on the material, you can achieve this with Teflon foot, but there are also other methods mentioned in the sewmamasew article.  For the waterproof material I used,  I didn't find problem though using the normal foot.

3) Use 16 or even bigger needles (check that after you sew, the stitch is not loose like below.  If it is loose, then use needle size 18.)

Bye now,


MyBotanG said...

Love the bag design, did you purposely omitted attaching handles to this bag..? the frame looks very simple.. do update if you find a DIY method :))

I work with laminated fabrics a lot.. and I use needle number 16, and the usual foot on my Janome machine..

Mila@Rimbun said...

I bought a waterproof fabric from Fabric Fanatic (if not mistaken)years ago, I dont know which category is it, is it laminated or what, but definitely not an oil cloth I guess,its quite stiff compared to laminated fabric that I saw at craft world.

The bag looks handy, senang nak buka besar2 hihihi.. plus cute too. Where did you get the fabric?

Anic said...

Hi Sue, i was thinking to use it as toiletries pouch for travelling... but haven't made up my mind. :)

Thanks for sharing your experience. :)

Hi Mila, ya... the buka besar besar it really good. I like very much. :)

I got the fabric from here:

Feel like buying more.. can buy together..

Mila@Rimbun said...

Anic... wow the fabric there are really tempting... do inform me if you are buying again ok. I nak tumpang sekali..

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