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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shinnie Sew Along - Project 1 (Applique Long Wallet)

I joined a sew-along organised by Shinnie focus on applique.   She has published a lot of her work in craft magazines and also her own books.    There will be six assignments in this sew along (all with Shinnie unique applique design)  and more than a thousand crafters have joined this sew along.

The first assignment is a wallet, see the below cute design by Shinnie.

Here is my version.   Plenty room for improvement.

Great difficulty in attaching the zipper.   Have to find a better way of doing this.   

For applique & stitches how-to, please refer to my kitty applique coin purse project.

Please meet my new friend, needle threader....

I have to invest in this as the most fearful thing for me while I do applique is having to thread the applique needle..     The hole in the applique needle is really really small.

Other than the above, my other friends in applique work:

I have reported this before in my other post.

Have a great weekend,


Mila@Rimbun said...

handstitch applique is really a test of patience... I dont have all these accessories.. normally I use the selfthreading needle only... something like the needle had 2 holes...

Anic said...

Mila, yes, a big test of my patience too. :) self threading needle is a good idea. I have some.. but mine is a bit thick.. not sure if it will be suitable for hand-stitch applique, I need to hide the stitch..

yuzlin said...

handstitch applique? dengar je dah seram... i dont think i would like to start any handstitch soon.. but good job anic!

Anic said...

Yuzlin.. :) thanks..

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