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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bag Project 8 - Lunch Bag 3

Another lunch bag...  :)   I promised a friend that I will make a lunch bag for her and it took me a long while.  Finally, I did it...

Exterior fabric ready to be sewed together

I paid great attention to folding the corners and joining the pieces making sure the sewing lines matched up.   
Quite happy with the result.  :)

Tutorial information is available from my older lunch bag post 1 & 2.

Material used:
1) Both exterior fabrics came from:

The lining has a small piece of b) above joined with Natural colour cotton I bought from Nagoya (a few RM for a meter), i.e. the hidden part inside is actually cost effective material.  :)  Cost saving....

2) Like lunch bag 2, strap is from: - thick strap from Cotton mix

Another seller of bag straps, many colours to choose from: polypropylene like material (thin but cost effective), this is the type of strap I used in my first lunch bag.

If you have a bit of budget, straps with design from:

3) Batting/Fleece
I used fusible woven interface/stabiliser for the external material which I bought from a shop in PJ Old town.

For lining, I used the batting I bought sometime back from Chinese website, non fusible.   Very tight material and the bag could stand by itself:

I also have batting from:


I found that when I used fusible batting, the fabric will crumple after awhile.  I think it is due to some parts of the fabric loosing its grip on the batting.  Maybe it is just the way I ironed wasn't right...  Haven't found a solution yet.. :(

The fear of crumple was the reason why I attached the batting to the lining instead of exterior fabric.  At least it won't affect the look of the bag if the lining crumples...  :)

4) Lace
I have a small lace stash and I never find a way to use them though I did try.   Finally, this time, I managed! :)
They are from:

Bill of Material for my future reference :) :
1) Olive Fabric - 1FQ
2) Alphabet Fabric - About 1/3 Meter
3) Batting - About 1/3 Meter
4) Straps - 38 cm x 2
5) Lining - About 1/3 Meter
6) Bag string - About 32 cm (x1 or x2 (like lunch bag 2) )

I still have 1 lunch bag in my to-do list...   will take awhile before I start again...

Bye now...


Vintage Coconut said...

That is a very nice lunch bag!
They don't sell many as nice as that in stores these days.
I especially like the salad design =)

MyBotanG said...

Very neat and tight looking bag Anic.. the sides matches perfectly and i love the fabric combination. As for the batting, why not quilt them to the fabric, it will definitely stay put then.

Mila@Rimbun said...

I had the same problem when using batting, eventhough its a fusible batting, but I think the solution from Sue is the best to overcome it.

u r really good at the fabric combination... all ur bag really catching my eyes..

Anic said...

Hi Vintage Coconut,
Thank you... :) How is your sewing project going on? Could add a lunch bag to your list of sewing project. :)

Hi Sue,
Thank you. :) I think using the right needle and thread help. I used jarum 16 and quilt thread for sewing machine. The thread is very strong. Thanks for the tips about quilting the batting to the fabric.

Hi Mila,
Yeah, you are right.. quilting the batting is the best to overcome the problem.

Thanks for the praises. :) Big encouragement for me. When I do fabric matching, I match them, leave them aside... between other work, I look at them and see how I feel. I cut the fabric, sew some parts, leave them aside.. when my mind is free while I am traveling to work or doing house work, I do some designing in the head such as where to add the embellishment, how to sew them together neatly, etc.. :)

This also means that it takes me awhile to complete a project..

Alissa said...

Very nice!~ I think every lunch box is gonna envy your friend's lunch box for having such a nice "home"!~

Lynn Nasir said...


Lovely lunchbag! Nampak expensive la Anic..well, most homemades are (^__^)// owh bestnye jadi your friend..hehe :p

Anic said...

Thank you Alissa. :)

Hi Lynn,

Thank you.. :)

Actually both the fabrics were quite reasonable compared to designer fabric. Total cost of material, i think around RM25.. (tak kira benang, masa, effort). :)

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