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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Green Idea 1 - Gift bags

I needed nice bags for taking gifts for Chinese New Year (CNY) visiting.  Instead of buying them,  I made them from the paper bags & greeting cards I collected.   I cut the greeting cards to the right size and glued one piece each to the front and back of the bag...  very simple.. :)

Cost saving and green.

This is a bag from Secret Recipe... :)   Just a small idea to share..


The Eccentric Butterfly said...

nice... good idea to recycle.

Thanks for sharing Anic :) Have a good day...

Alissa said...

Doesn't look DIY >< I thought you bought it. My mum would love this idea.

Anic said...

Thank you... :)

I started to look around in the house to find things to reuse, instead of buying.. and there are a lot of things which we could reuse... :)

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