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Friday, February 4, 2011

DIY Cloth Pad - Part 9 (Snap on - Bamboo Fabrics)

Happy Chinese New Year to all....

Among my cloth pad stash, there is one which I quite like the design but there is something that I thought could be improved, hence I made one of my own.  

It has a base and a soaker made from Bamboo Fabrics.   I like this design as I only need to take a few soakers with me if I am going out on a cloth pad day...
The base is made from microfleece and the soaker is made from bamboo fabrics.   The soaker top is made from Bamboo Velour with 2 layers from Bamboo Fleece.   I bought the bamboo fabrics from Tiny Tapir.   Bamboo velour as top is not necessary.

You could make the entire soaker from Bamboo fleece.   If you are using bamboo fleece as top, the side with smooth knit should be the side facing the skin. Not the side with bulu-bulu..  :).

These bamboo fabrics soakers absorb very well and with the microfleece as backing, the menstrual blood spread out well and no leaking as microfleece is water resistance.

Please ignore the bad sewing.. :)
In the original design the soaker has both snaps with stubs, so I can't fold and snap the 2 end together like the photo on the right.

In the one I sewed, the soaker has snaps with 1 stub & 1 socket, hence I could fold and snap the used soaker nicely..  :)  Of course the base would need to make similar change.

I am feeling good that I finally have a chance to use the bamboo fabrics I bought a few months ago...  :)

Bye now and I am off to make more soakers...  :)

Warmest regards,


Lynn Nasir said...

Anic..why not the fuzzy side touching skin? its softer? hehe..

Anic said...

Hi Lynn,

I think it may make skin sensitive..

nurQaseh said...

Good idea...tq..r u selling these soakers?

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