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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Applique with Shinnie - 2012

I did these applique work with Shinnie sew along in 2012...

March 20 12 -  Long Wallet

April 2012 - Phone Case..

May 2012 - Wallet

Sept 2012 - Passport holder

They were originally posted in my yahoo blog (yes.. I have one) but we were just informed that yahoo is closing its blog service..   so, moving them here...

If you like some hints on doing applique work, please see my old post here:

Happy Merdeka Day,


ykristen said...

Just found your blog as i was looking for cloth pads and was wondering whether u make some for sale as i am also fm selangor.

Anic said...

Hi ykristen,

Thanks for dropping by..
So far, I haven't start selling cloth pads.. maybe not in near future..

I suggest you join the Malaysian Clothpad FB group.. many sellers there:

Link Within

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