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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sewing Notions 9 - Kam Snap Pliers

Dear all,

Finally after many days of waiting, today I managed to collect my Kam snap pliers from the post office.    I bought it from Serena of Notion Supply Yahoo Group.   The standard set without snaps is USD20 including postage which allow you to apply Kam snaps of size 16, 20, 24 (I added USD1 to get the snap die for size 14).  I also bought 200 snaps of 8 colours at USD10.   You could also buy the snaps from

Updated 20 Sept: Please note that Tiny Tapir now sells Snap Pliers at RM39.9 per set.

I couldn't wait and tested the pliers with the cloth pads I have sewn.   It works!   :)  Very please that I can now apply resin snaps on the many cloth pads I am going to sew.

To get more information on buying the pliers, join the Notion Supply group, you will then be able to access all the information there...

Bye now,


Rozi Rahman said...

Nice. I wish I found this before getting my snap press. Notions are easier to get now compared when I first started... Enjoy using your snap pliers :)

Anic said...

Thanks. felt lucky that I could find it. :) am happily applying resin snaps.. :)

Lynn Nasir said...


its here! its here! yours..and MINE! hahaha.super happy :DDD

i got mine, last week. along with 1000 snap buttons..hmmm..i'm thinking about buying dies and snap buttons for diaper making. size 20. can you lend me some ringgit malaysia? muahahah..

Anic said...

yeah... so happy.. :) I sewn 5 pads yesterday so that I could use the snap pliers.. lol :)

i am thinking to buy some size 20 snaps... maybe we could work together to buy in bigger quantity. :)

Lynn Nasir said...

work together how? what you have in mind? :)

i need to buy the dies (size 20), together with the snap buttons..

Anic said...

Hi Lynn,

The prices of the snaps:
# 25 complete snaps - RM5
# 100 complete snaps (same color) - RM13
# 500 complete snaps (same color) - RM35

So maybe we share 100 snaps (or a few 100 snaps of different colours). Then it is only RM6.5 per 50 snaps. :) heheh. Tapi kena bayar postage from your place to my home and share the postage to TinyTapir. Probably too complicated.. :) and banyak kerja. I only need a few snaps and I plan to buy bamboo fleece, so, I think easier we all buy directly. :)

BTW, If Rozi wants to sell some of her snaps (I think she has 1000 snaps!) I would be happy to help reduce her stock. Also Skin (sikurus) has die set but I don't think she has snap press, maybe she wants to sell her die set at discounted price, I don't know her die set size though.. just ideas..... :) please happily ignore me.. :)

Lynn Nasir said...

check your email fren :)

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