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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sewing Notions 12 - Bobbins

My brother machine NV50 came with 3 bobbins.   This is of course inconvenient as we are likely to use more than  3 colours of threads.  However, being cost conscious, I didn't buy more bobbins from the original seller of the machine thinking that I could buy them from other places at cheaper price.   I ended buying 3 wrong types of bobbins.  :(   Looks like I am penny wise and pound foolish...

I was annoyed by this, so I did some research on this:
1) Found a list of different type of bobbins in the following link..   didn't realise there are so many different types:

Brother NV 50 uses SA156 (Class 15 plastic).  Does anyone know if NV50 uses the metal version of class 15 ok?

Even for Brother's machines, there are different types of Bobbins:

2)  Here is a good guide on how to thread the bobbin correctly for top loading:

(A picture of thread not inserted correctly through tension adjusting spring)

While looking, I found this useful Brother website with Manuals & troubleshooting information.   Though I have the hardcopy of the manual, it is easier sometime referring it online:

Recording my findings for my own convenience and sharing them with you....


Rozi Rahman said...

Anic, better get the right bobbins from Brother than have problems when you use your machine. You’ll end up having a beautiful relationship with the seam ripper just because of you forging alliance with sub-standard bobbins. After all, how can a Mercedes use Perodua parts?

Anic said...


Thanks for your feedback.. yes, i learnt my lesson. :) Buying SA156 Brother parts.

Warmest regards,

Mila@Rimbun said...

I did 'memborong' bobbin when i purchased my NV50... that time when the seller calculate the total price, ask it as a free-gift hahaha..

Anic said...

Hi Mila,

You are so clever... I will do that the next time...(but when will I have a chance to buy another sewing machine... ).

Warmest regards,

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